Why are you eating recycled protein?

If you’re eating meat to fulfill your protein needs, wrong answer. Meat is a luxury, one that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

If you eat meat because it’s delicious and you were hungry, fair enough. I get it. Sometimes we need to make excuses for our bad habits.

Not too long ago, I was making all the same excuses. For years, I justified my excessive meat eating ways using arguments about health, fitness reasons and even biblical citations.

I’m here to burst your bubble, just like mine was.

First, eating meat regularly is dangerous to your health. Studies have shown that eating a diet rich in animal proteins during middle age makes you four times more likely to die of cancer than someone with a low-protein diet. That’s a mortality risk factor comparable to smoking.

In fact, meat consumption has been linked to most major deadly diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Eating meat hardens blood vessels,. Subjects your body to harmful hormones and chemicals. Exposes you to the risk of e-coli. And can lead to obesity.

Why is meat so bad for you?

For one thing, most farm animals are bred, raised and slaughtered without regard to human or animal health. Millions of animals are caged from birth to death. Throughout their lives they’re given antibiotics and other chemicals to keep them “healthy.” Even “organic” and “farm raised” animals are often treated badly.

As a physical trainer, I’ve seen food charts that insist that meat, chicken and poultry should be your primary source of protein.

Let me ask you a question: would you go to a gas station that sold fuel made of 80 percent additives and 20 percent gas? So why are you eating recycled protein?

Cows don’t eat cows to get protein, they eat plants. If you eat plants as your primary source of protein you’re getting protein directly from the source.

For those who rely on a biblical justification for eating meat, there’s little evidence to support that position. In Act 10:13, God says to Peter “get up Peter, kill and eat.” He didn’t say “put up a McDonalds at every corner and destroy the earth to make meat.” In fact, the scripture supports the idea that meat is a luxury and a privilege.

Most hunters harvest animals to eat an animal that’s had a full healthy life. As hunters, we develop our skills to ensure our prey’s death is painless. As hunters we are putting ourselves in the position of conservationists and stewards of the planet. Ensuring that animals are treated fairly and ethically is our job.

Ultimately, I decided to become a vegan because I felt I could no longer claim to be a conservationist while supporting the meat industry. We have a huge problem in America, 93 billion pounds to be exact. Not only does the meat industry need to raise their standards of doing business, but they need to come clean with the public about the dangers of a primarily meat based diet.

Further, I can no longer be apart of animals suffering unbearable lives and dying horrible deaths just so I can buy a milkshake or cheeseburger for 99 cents. Every time you pull up to McDonalds and drive away with those red paper boxes full of “happiness” you are contributing to the deforestation and destruction of our lands.

Promoting hunting and conservation while claiming the ethical and fair treatment of animals only counts when that pertains to every animal you are in contact with. In other words, you can’t pick and choose which animals should die or be treated ethically (i.e., 10 point white-tail).


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  1. Kevin Morang says:

    Yours is the most interesting and compelling argument that I have heard on the subject. This venue does not permit the volume of questions it leave me with though. Would love to sit down and have a conversation about this!

  2. I’m also a hunter, I workout, play recreational sports etc… Watching videos of animals in “farms” opened my eyes. I still eat meat but I’ve cut back a lot. I’ve switched over to almond and coconut milk cutting out 99% of my dairy intake. I’ve also started experimenting with multi sourced plant protein powders. My question is how do you address the fact that not all proteins are created equal. Plant vs meat etc. Do you rely on additional supplements and amino acids?

  3. liberteaustin says:

    Nathan- I do use a protein supplement that is 100% vegan. You would be surprised to learn that our bodies don’t need as much protein and we are made to believe. On a plant based diet, snacking is key. Where I have had the biggest struggles is being hungry more often than on a meat based diet. Its so hard to maintain a plant based diet when you are a busy person but believe me its very doable.

  4. If we don’t kill and harvest animal like cows, chickens, and hens, they’re populations will grow exponentially because these animals have no natural predators anymore. If we don’t kill and harvest cows, pigs, and other livestock, then these animals will need more land because of their reproductions. Eventually, these animals will take over the land, destroy it, and then starve because the land cannot produce the resources for these animals to live. Instead of letting these animals destroy the land, we can harvest them. And don’t forget, plants and trees are living organisms too.

  5. You could of not said it any better. I hope that people listen. I have bodybuilding for years and so many people think that meat is there only source of protein.

  6. Very interesting article… would be interested in knowing what protein alternatives you suggest and use as I have also read articles discussing the deficiencies and health challenges many vegetarians/vegans have as a result of cutting out meats and other foods. I’m in favor of living an overall more healthy lifestyle and am interested in hearing/learning all approaches.

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